About SportWander

SportWander exists to let you know about all sport events across Europe. We cover 35+ sports in over 1,500 locations and we’re constantly increasing our database. Our comprehensive data allows you to find a game or tournament to watch anywhere you are - all year round. We do not limit ourselves to major sports and competitions; we strive to please all sport enthusiasts whatever sport they fancy and to let minor leagues and events get wider exposure and bring them more spectators.

Beside an event itself you can find all relevant information regarding the location it is held at. As for now, it contains just basic facts; however, in future we will develop it into vivid touristic guide where you will be able to find out where you can lodge, eat, meet fellow travelers and so forth.

We address three different types of audiences:

Die-hard sport fans can track all the events their favorite team or athlete take part in;

Tourists and travelers get an opportunity to expand their list of attractions and to enrich the traveling experience by visiting an exciting game or a tournament;

Local citizens have another option to fill their free night with fun and excitement while cheering and routing for their local teams/sportsmen they were possibly not aware of before.

Every night there are thousands of various competitions, tournaments, games, and matches being held all over Europe. Many of those events have free admission. We aim to promote sports in general and less popular sports and leagues in particular, therefore we encourage you to spread the word about this web-resource and help us get more and more people involved into watching live sports.

Sports and traveling are our own strong passions and we are glad to share them with you. We believe that SportWander is a great service, we are happy if you think the same.

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